What is a "letter of credible coverage" in terms of health insurance?

I want some temporary health insurance till I can get employment. For some one who is 25 and does not have any health issues, body mass index of 20 I was told catastrophic coverage is best when paying for health insurance on your own. I am in Florida, U.S. Some plans with Blue Cross Blue Shield have a premium of about 140/per month with a 1500$ deductible as indicated below.
Predictable Cost
Plan 3
Family physician copayment plan
No deductible for in-network well care
0% Coinsurance for in-network services
Plan Type: Predictable Cost
Deductible: ,500/ ,500
Copay: Family Physician: copayment Specialist: copayment
Coinsurance: 0%
Out-of-Pocket: ,500 / ,500
Other plan has a premium of 19/month with less features.
If I choose the plan which is 19/month I was told when I get employed my employer’s health insurance will not consider my 19/month plan to be credible coverage. What does that mean? Can anyone please clarify?
The plan which is 19/month is
as follows
Physician Office Services (Coverage for Surgical Services only)
In-Network Family Physician: CYD(Calendar Year Deductible) + 20% Coinsurance
In-Network Specialist: CYD5 + 20% Coinsurance
Out-of-Network Office: Visit CYD + 40% Coinsurance
In-Network e-Office: Visit co-payment
Out-of-Network e-Office: Visit CYD + 40% Coinsurance
The CYD is 1000 for in-network.
Can anyone please advise how can I choose catastrophic coverage only which can be considered credible coverage?


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