National Motor Club of America

Emergency Roadside Assistance and Other Travel Related Services. Safety and Security on the Road and Off. Become a Member of the NMC Family and Be Covered by the Finest Benefits in the Industry.



  1. YTflagger00 says:

    Come on, its a mlm aka ponzi scheme. Same shit, different form.

  2. WeathyOnFive says:

    Great Video, thanks for the info

    YTFLAGger00 – This company has been in business for 50 years – Its Not MLM – A wise man says that it is better to be quiet and look dumb or speak and remove all doubt.(Got nothing but love for ya) I have the service and its great.

    Great Video

  3. teachlifescience says:

    YTflagger00, all mlms are not ponzi schemes – there is a huge difference. In this economy, please don’t put down mlms. There are legitimate ones, which can help people make money.

  4. i agree…some of these people will either be working for someone else or be downsized and on welfare because they are negativeand don’t believe in going into biz for yourself. I agree…Not all business are ponzi schemes. This biz is approved by the BBB and if its a ponzi scheme why is it u can cancel a membership that is under 18 a month…U are right! this biz been around for 50 years and helped me and my fam when we were stranded in the woods.

  5. lugina13 says:

    I think they are a scam. I joined in november and they debit my account every month but I have not received any cards from them and I have called three times.

  6. FEMMEAQUA says:

    I dont think they are trying to scam you for $18 bucks a month or less. Gahdamn you waste that shit on pizza or cigarettes. Just cancel! It would n’t be that cheap or so easy to cancel if it were a scam. They will send you your cards eventually.

  7. FEMMEAQUA says:

    @WeathyOnFive Thanks Im an agent and it pisses me off when people jump to conclusions over a lousy $18 bucks or less. You would think idiots like Lugina would do their research. Damn just get a refund. She probably wastes that on nonsense every month. Thanks for printing that.

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